Maleficent Photo Contest

I’m back again today, with what i like most-more talk”chuckles”.
We would like to sweeten your Halloween with some cash and prizes, that’s why a photo contest it’s needed. The theme was choose by me, Lua, as i am a huge fan of cartoons,and the biggest “Maleficent” lover “grins”!
That’s how the things will work
1.Photos will be submited to me,Luana Nayar-Add them in a NC, along with your contact details.
2.Submission will be from 29 oct. till 30 oct.
3.On the 31 oct. i will upload all the photos on Facebook and the votes may start. 1 like=1 vote.
4.There will be 3 “LIKE winners”, the one with more likes win 1st…and so on…. and one chosen by us, “Pure Poison Management”!
5.The votes will be counted on 2 nov., the day when the winners will be announced!
Showcase our “Maleficent set” in the best picture!
At least 10 entries so the contest can begin!
Our special winner will receive 3000 L$, the opportunity to be on the ADD of our New EXCLUSIVE Release, and a giftcard!

The “like” winners :
1st. 1500 L$ + 3k Store credit
2nd. 1000 L$ + 2K Store credit
3rd. 500 L$ + 1k Store credit

You can grab your Maleficent Accessories from Pure Poison FASHION
We are looking forward to see some creativity!
Pure Poison - Maleficent Headdress

❤ Luaaa

Halloween HUNT and GACHA

Trick or treat?! We have treatsssss for all of ya…
We are continuing the Halloween Spirit and invite all to enjoy it with us!
Play Gacha @ Pure Poison FASHION in order to add some great halloween earrings to your collection and perhaps one of those rare pieces, why not both? Good luck ladies!
Pure Poison - Halloween Gacha Earrings
There is no Halloween without a proper hunt! Join Pure Poison FASHION where you can find some exclusive earrings that will complete your Skeleton Hand Set, and BSD Design Studio who’s having some special items hidden, to their special hunt!
Pure Poison - BSD - Halloween Hunt

Ha…Ha…Halloween Goodies!

How to start? Where to start? Ok ok “takes a deep breath”… Halloween EXCLUSIVE items are launching! I will be brief this time as the pictures are showing more than thousands words!
There is no Halloween without a spooky accessory, and if we sprinkle some “sexy” on it even better. Have you ever wondered how you can look sexy with a coffin and some bat wings around your neck??? Lemme please enlighten you:
Pure Poison - Bat Wings Necklace - SPECIAL Halloween Group GIFT
You can grab it for FREE from Pure Poison FASHION

Witches are a MUST for the creepiest night on Earth!This year tho, we will add them some sassyness!
Pure Poison - Horroria Dress
Dress and hat EXCLUSIVE for SL Fashion Week

And last but not leat something that will keep you warm thru winter…
Pure Poison - Knitted Legwarmens
Exclusive as always, only here Limited BAZAAR

Fifty Linden Fridays @ Pure Poison

I am in love with Fridays…especially Fifty Linden Fridays! We choosed a necklace at our very first participation in this amazing event, and an amazing model to showcase it – many thanks and alot of appreciation Beatrice Serendipity– ! Aint just a simple necklace tho, it suits in alot of special occassions like nights out or Halloween.I do hope you like it as much as i do! We enjoy at maximum this “Guest Participation” at Fifty Linden Friday and we hope that wont be the last! Show us how much you appreciate our work with shares, likes, comments, adds, posts “chuckles” ohhhh common show us some luvvv!
Pure Poison - Arachnide Jewelry Set

Your taxi to Pure Poison Fashion

Pure Poison EXCLUSIVE for Seraphim Social

“As the Other Mother opens the door, Coraline throws the cat at the Other Mother, grabs the snow globe, and escapes to the real world with the KEY.”
As miss Shortcake said, this is a collector’s item. I agree with that,but i may add “NOT ONLY“. The story is amazing, but this necklace even more! Even if you didn’t read the book,tho you should do it in the future -cause it’s amazing- , and you have no idea about the story of this key you have to admit that “Coraline Necklace” can be worn like everyday with some shirt or blouse and by night will go perfectly vintage with a black corset! Enough said… off ya go to Seraphim Social to grab your own “Coraline Necklace“!
Pure Poison - Coraline Necklace

It’s that haute couture?

Usually the polite thing is to be modest.But…but…but i can’t! This headdress it’s quite AMAZING, and the model that helped us to valorize it, even more, i think STUNNING it’s the right word for her! A great person to work with, and alot of originality in her style. Most of you know her, for the ones that missed this great model please meet Amita Yorcliffe !
Now, as for Sha’s piece of art, as i like to say, there are thousands of “amazing” synonyms to be placed in here, but what for? I’m pretty sure that you didn’t even finished this post and you are already the proud owner of your own “Arachne Headdress”. Last advice? Be your own goddess! -this item will deff help-
Pure Poison - Arachne Headdress

Pure Poison EXCLUSIVE for L’ accessoires

<3<3<3 Lua

Two NEW exclusive items from Pure Poison

It’s timeeee…it’s time…it’s time!
We have some exclusivities that will deff make your weekend! Night out, cocktails or business meetings?This two accessories are more than perfect in either situation.

Bring out your inner spark with “Anni Earrings”. From our large collection of beautiful stud earrings this pair is sure something that you have to love.
Pure Poison -  AnNi Earrings
SL Fashion Week is where you can find them!

As much as i love earrings, i must say that they are kinda useless without the perfect clutch/bag “grins”. Yes, yes, you probably thought about it. Grab your matching clutch from Limited BAZAAR
Pure Poison - AnNi Clutch

The exciting thing is that there are only 100 copies.
This time fights are allowed!”laughs” Only one chance…now off ya go….show me some muscles!

Kisses and great PURE shopping,