Pure Poison for Limited Bazaar and United Fashion Project

Hellou Ladies 😀

Here we have news from Pure Poison:

We prepared you something classy and elegant, the bond and sexy combination of Leather and Lace. You can find it in LIMITED EDITION @ EUPHORIA – Limited Bazaar



And now let’s play a funny game? Tell me your mood? Feeling like an Angel or a little Devil?

Pick a side or pick them both and use them to show your mood or to complete your outfit:

You can find there @ United Fahion Project


Enjoy your weekend!


<3333 Shaleene

Pure Poison Weekend Fashion Newspaper

Heya sweets, here comes the Pure poison Fashion Newspaper for this weekend:

First of all we have a brand new Group Gift:

You can take it from here: Pure Poison EXCLUSIVE for
Pure Poison FASHION


And of course we have the perfect Dress for a summer outfit. It’s cute, elegant and sexy and you get 2 dresses for the price of one 😀 Try Lore Dress, this week exclusive for SL Fashion Week.

You can take it from here SL Fashion Week;


And also don’t forget about the Endless Summer Hunt, we have some cute unisex bracelets for you. Come get them from here:

Pure Poison FASHION


Second Life Fashion Week & L’accessoires

This weekend we are preparing you for sunny days!
What summer would be without a classique tank dress? The bright colors and comfortable, asymmetrical cut definitely makes this a standout design.
Pure Poison - Miia Dresses
You can take it from here Second Life Fashion Week Location
Aint Pure Poison without something different, unique and outstanding! I dearly invite you to check this set out, as you have my word that will make your day!
Pure Poison - Brandu Jewelry Set
Simply puurefect for runways and not only! Those brave ones will fit it with a rockish outfit, cocktail dress or even that elegant black gown!
Chop chop here is where you can get it by tommorow:
L’accessoires Location

Best wishes and happy weekend,

3 Events…EXCLUSIVE items…Pure Poison Fashion

Bissou sweets,

It’s friday. and weekend sales are starting!
What does that mean for or at Pure Poison?!?!?!
C’mon… all of you knows it!

Now where to start our adventure?
Precious stones are women best friends! In this case lemme introduce you your NEW best friends:
Pure Poison - Trianghula Earrings
Black diamonds never looked that great before! And while shopping those ones at SL Fashion Week take advantage and add a NEW outfit to your wardrobe!
PP - Tia Skirt & Shirt

Now please hop in the limo and let’s stop at the next location Fi*Friday. Here you will find that pair of earrings that will fit everyone no matter what the tastes are! Can be rockish, elegant, sassy “winks”.
Pure Poison - Gia Earrings

And now that item with attitude!!! Can be found at The Trift Shop starting by 8th June!
Cause you deserve to sneak a peak…
Pure Poison - Brianne Pants

I know you want them,
xoxo Luaaa

Great gifties from your fav people!


That awesome day of the month just came! “nods nods”
Yeah,we have some of the coolest EXCLUSIVE gifts for ya!
It’s bow tie season so Sha mixed some sparkles with a “lil big” ribbon and voila what got out : an extreme jewel that will deff catch some eyes!
That one was the subscriber gift, as for group =>> a SET that will be described by me in 3 words : rockish, black diamonds & glamour!

Now as always i DARE you to tell me that you don’t like them!
Kisses, love and candies,

Happy 1st June!

Ohhh i don’t even know how on earth i should start this! Wait wait…i’m Lua, i always know how to do it “laughs”! First let me say “Happy Birthday” to your children and well “Happy Birthday” to all of you ~In each one of us lies a kido :)~.
Let me bright this day and all of your weekend with 5 EXCLUSIVE ITEMS @ 5 amazing EVENTS.
I will not talk that much as i used you “giggles”! Lemme just enchant you!

In no particular order, tell the cab driver that this is the first stop in your shopping journey:
Pure Poison - Snake Trikini
It’s summer time and we have some nice “Snake Trikini” so you can show off your pretty skin at the beach!!

Your second stop should be at “The Summer Fashion Festival II”
Red Poison Bikini - Rigged Mesh
Just to keep it into the summer thing.Anyways these Bikini will become a MUST at the pool!

Now that you are all set up for the beach lemme please take care of your summer nights!!!
Pure Poison - Paulette Dress
Pure Poison - Paulette Military Hat
Pure Poison - Carmen Necklace

Mix the sassy “Paulette Dress” with the military “Paulette Hat” to obtain something more than a great outfit!(you should hurry up for those two as they are LIMITED in quantity!) Only 50 pieces for the dress and 25 for each color of the hat! I am waiting to see the pics of the lucky ones”chuckles”! At that you should add something STRONG, something like “Carmen NEcklace”.That ONE accesory with alot of attitude!
Ohhh i almost forgot here should the cab stop:
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Slums/56/36/28 – “Carmen Necklace”
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SaliMar/75/130/503 – “Paulette Dress”
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Euphoria/43/159/26 – “Paulette Military Hat”

Luv ya all!
Happy Shopping,