Emerald Wines Necklace for Soho Sample Sale, NYC

And here i come with something new, something elegant that will put you up there into the spotlight! You really don’t have to care about the dress! Even if you are into simple cuts everyone will envy you just cause of the glamour that the necklace gives to you.
PP - Emerald Wines Necklace

Take your own sparkle from here :

Luv ya all,

Summer recipe by Lua

We start by mixing some sunny days with NEW EXCLUSIVE items from Pure Poison Fashion adding at the end great sense of fashion! Grab the bike and start the tour : SL Fashion Week => Fi”Friday => Pure Poison Mainstore!

PP - Abby Cross Skirt & Leather Studded Pants

Here are the addresses
SL Fashion Week : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tequila/137/88/2006
Fi*Friday : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Captivated/84/70/4000
Pure Poison Fashion Mainstore : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/zenshi%20south%20two/213/68/27

Hotties, panties and stuffs!!! SL Fashion Week is here!

We mixed some fresh EXCLUSIVE items released for SL Fashion Week, adding at the end some Fi*Friday flavour. The final product looks like this :

Abby Studded Cross Shirt that goes simply awesome with the new Leo Studded Shorts. There is not much to say about this outfit, just that made it quick to a MUST!
I dare each one of you to tell me how right i am “chuckles”:
PP - Abby Cross Skirt & Leather Studded Pants

Spread some love sweets,
xoxo Lua

Fi*Friday is here!

If you are wearing our Pia PAnts, than you will listen me and make the next move.
Combine them with our fine cutted earrings, fine but with alot of ATTITUDE.
PP - Nay Studded Earrings

While you are @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Captivated/84/70/4000 if you are into jeans or casual dresses( and let’s face it , who isn’t?!?!?!:))) you must take one of our new ” Ribbon Stacked Bracelets”, they are simply adorable!

PP - Ribbon Stacked Bracelets

Enjoy shopping!
Nitty nite sweets,

Pure Poison Unisex Bracelets – Gol Gift

And here is that hour of the night when i start blogging awesome things from our store!
As usual they are eXCLUSIVE, amazing and so great worked.
I choosed to start with something for both of you, ladies and gents.Pure Poison created for these weekend as a GIFT for GOL Vip Members “GOL leather bracelets”. Dance and shine baby!

Pure Poison Unisex Bracelets - Gol Gift

xoxo Lua

The Garage Fair

Garage Fair AD

Cattish necklace 1

cattish necklace 2

kari leather outfit
Oooh…here it is!!! The day you all waited. Exclusive items from your favourite people. We listened to your wishes and created for this special fair what you asked! A bit of leather, in fact a bit more”chuckles”, a great outfit composed by bra and high waisted short pants. You have 4 colors to choose from. Perfect outfit for bad and good girls in the same measure, all you need is a great sense of fashion ladies!

One way to instantly update your style, is by adding some seriously eye-catching jewels. Slip on this incredible Cattish necklace and we pretty much guarantee that no one will notice if you’re wearing the same frock you’ve worn a hundred times before.

I really hope i convinced you >:D!
Kisses, huggies and candies,