Ha…Ha…Halloween Goodies!

How to start? Where to start? Ok ok “takes a deep breath”… Halloween EXCLUSIVE items are launching! I will be brief this time as the pictures are showing more than thousands words!
There is no Halloween without a spooky accessory, and if we sprinkle some “sexy” on it even better. Have you ever wondered how you can look sexy with a coffin and some bat wings around your neck??? Lemme please enlighten you:
Pure Poison - Bat Wings Necklace - SPECIAL Halloween Group GIFT
You can grab it for FREE from Pure Poison FASHION

Witches are a MUST for the creepiest night on Earth!This year tho, we will add them some sassyness!
Pure Poison - Horroria Dress
Dress and hat EXCLUSIVE for SL Fashion Week

And last but not leat something that will keep you warm thru winter…
Pure Poison - Knitted Legwarmens
Exclusive as always, only here Limited BAZAAR

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