Pure Poison for The Arcade

Pure Poison - The Stars Collection - Collect them all
It’s happening and it’s almost here -The Arcade- the amazing event with a gatcha that you cannot miss! Either you are for classique, 60s, sassy, sexy,rockNroll, vintage or all of them, in our “The Stars Collection” you will find 11 items that will fill all your needs.
Necklace, tiara, rings, earrings, eyeglasses, eyepatch, brooch, handcuffs,clutch, headband and even a guitar – you can have it all by playing with us starting with 1st December @ The Arcade.


Pure Poison for My Attic – The Deck

Pure Poison - Kimmy Dress - 5 models available
I am not sure how to describe this best. Let’s do an exercise or some kind of recipe “giggles”: we mix leather/satin/wool with a bit of showing skin and deep cuts,adding alot of attitude meanwhile pourin’ some sassyness in.The results???
Check out by yourself at My Attic – The Deck!

Hurry up chickas’…will not wait there like…forever!

P.S. We have 5 models available for “Kimmy Dress” that are waiting for ya!

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Pure Poison - Lola Dress & Hat - 2Lei EXCLUSIVE
We choose to stand, not because it is a popular thing to do, we stand because it’s the only thing right that we can do. I know most of you will turn backs, and i know it cause we all did it once. But if we keep doing this than who will support these women? Today i choose/we choose to stand up, hear, embrace, rise up, uncover our eyes and start doing something good for the society and the ones that are in need!
Want to join us? We designed one kind of a dress EXCLUSIVE for this event, and you have from 18 November till 25 November to grab it and share some help.There is nothing more easy than taking the cab to 2Lei Auction and do what you like most : SHOPPING for quality items, meanwhile some are getting rescued from hell cause of your actions!

P.S. There is only ONE PIECE and you have to fight for it!

I do stand up!

❤ Lua

Pure Poison – Rockin’ Beanie – NEW Release

Pure Poison – Rockin’ Beanie – NEW Release

Keep in the warmth and look good in Pure Poison’s NEW RELEASE Rockin’Beanie. You can find it in our new kingdom @ Pure Poison FASHION – Accessories Store. If it wasn’t hot enough, this item it’s our very first one … Continue reading

PurePoison NEW location & gift

Bisous ladies,
We are enchanted to announce you that Pure Poison is moving to their own Wonderland!
There will be haute, couture, casual, accessories…in better words there will be alot of FASHION!
November and December are full months for us, that will come with alot of events and exclusive items. Ohhh ok, even if i will get my “back” kicked for this, a bit of gossip it’s more than welcome. Now i will just let this out, nothing more : some awesome exclusive gifts, sponsor for “The Arcade”, will be Winter Trend, 2 Lei and all the great monthly events that we are in and you already know! I said too much…the only thing you have to do is follow us on blog, facebook, flickr, in world … you have nothing to loose, in fact you have alot to win!
Here is the new exclusive gift that you can grab ONLY from our new location “Pure Poison District” :
Pure Poison SnowCutie Handbag - Special Group Gift

Luv yaaaaa,
❤ Lua

Pure Poison EXCLUSIVE for Dreams Way – Fundraiser

The “Dreams Way” project was created with the purpose of helping “Brigadoon Explorers” and “Dreams” Foundations, which are active in organizing various activities for people affected by A/S and autism.
We decided to join this project and help as much as we can. We really hope that “Michelle Gown & Hat” will fit your tastes and make you buy it.Let’s all be one and help those less fortunate.
Pure Poison - Michelle Gown & Hat

Here is where you can find it: Dreams Way – Fundraiser
Best wishes and God bless ya,

Pure Poison NEW November Gifts

Pure Poison have NEW Gifts for you:

First of all we have this awesome textured Jewelry Set as 1st November Group Gift:


Don’t forget if you join Pure Poison Group and shop by Pure Poison, every month you get two Brand New 100% Original Mesh Gifts, 10% Store credit from all your shops ( while wearing your group tag) and a chance to win a 5000L$ Giftcard.

And just to have even more fun the cutest Subscriber Gift for November:


Your Taxi to Pure Poison FASHION


Best Regards,

Shaleene Kenin

Pure Poison Designer & CEO