It’s that haute couture?

Usually the polite thing is to be modest.But…but…but i can’t! This headdress it’s quite AMAZING, and the model that helped us to valorize it, even more, i think STUNNING it’s the right word for her! A great person to work with, and alot of originality in her style. Most of you know her, for the ones that missed this great model please meet Amita Yorcliffe !
Now, as for Sha’s piece of art, as i like to say, there are thousands of “amazing” synonyms to be placed in here, but what for? I’m pretty sure that you didn’t even finished this post and you are already the proud owner of your own “Arachne Headdress”. Last advice? Be your own goddess! -this item will deff help-
Pure Poison - Arachne Headdress

Pure Poison EXCLUSIVE for L’ accessoires

<3<3<3 Lua


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