Maleficent Photo Contest

I’m back again today, with what i like most-more talk”chuckles”.
We would like to sweeten your Halloween with some cash and prizes, that’s why a photo contest it’s needed. The theme was choose by me, Lua, as i am a huge fan of cartoons,and the biggest “Maleficent” lover “grins”!
That’s how the things will work
1.Photos will be submited to me,Luana Nayar-Add them in a NC, along with your contact details.
2.Submission will be from 29 oct. till 30 oct.
3.On the 31 oct. i will upload all the photos on Facebook and the votes may start. 1 like=1 vote.
4.There will be 3 “LIKE winners”, the one with more likes win 1st…and so on…. and one chosen by us, “Pure Poison Management”!
5.The votes will be counted on 2 nov., the day when the winners will be announced!
Showcase our “Maleficent set” in the best picture!
At least 10 entries so the contest can begin!
Our special winner will receive 3000 L$, the opportunity to be on the ADD of our New EXCLUSIVE Release, and a giftcard!

The “like” winners :
1st. 1500 L$ + 3k Store credit
2nd. 1000 L$ + 2K Store credit
3rd. 500 L$ + 1k Store credit

You can grab your Maleficent Accessories from Pure Poison FASHION
We are looking forward to see some creativity!
Pure Poison - Maleficent Headdress

❤ Luaaa


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