Two NEW exclusive items from Pure Poison

It’s timeeee…it’s time…it’s time!
We have some exclusivities that will deff make your weekend! Night out, cocktails or business meetings?This two accessories are more than perfect in either situation.

Bring out your inner spark with “Anni Earrings”. From our large collection of beautiful stud earrings this pair is sure something that you have to love.
Pure Poison -  AnNi Earrings
SL Fashion Week is where you can find them!

As much as i love earrings, i must say that they are kinda useless without the perfect clutch/bag “grins”. Yes, yes, you probably thought about it. Grab your matching clutch from Limited BAZAAR
Pure Poison - AnNi Clutch

The exciting thing is that there are only 100 copies.
This time fights are allowed!”laughs” Only one chance…now off ya go….show me some muscles!

Kisses and great PURE shopping,


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