Pure Poison – New Group Gift + Naughty -69% OFF SALE

Hellou sweeties ❤
Love is in the air, so here comes Pure Poison to bring you joy on Mondays 😀
This Monday Group Gift is all about Love:

And it comes with a naughty discount 😛 What's the magic number for naughty love?
Answer is: 69 of course, so we have a crazy sale with -69%OFF EVERYTHING (except last week 2 new releases – they keep their own discount), including Join Group Fee.
Sale will be ON from 10 February until 16 February ( an entire naughty discounted week, just for you!)

Find it @Pure Poison FASHIOn

We remind you the benefits you get by joining Pure Poison Group:
– Group – New Offers!
Pure Poison will release new item every Friday and we have a special discount program for our members, such as:

->We want to make Mondays your happy day of the week 😀
Is is possible?
Yes, from now one because we every Monday you will receive a NEW Group Gift from Pure Poison.
So now instead of 2 monthly gifts, you got 4 or some happy months even 5, that depending on how many Mondays we have on that month.

-> Group members will receive 50% off for one specific color of the new release and 20% off for the other available colors. We will announce which one of specific color every Friday!
Check for Group vendor ( highlighted in red) near the normal vendors.

-> We will also have a lucky draw program for our monthly customers and group members. The monthly prizes will now be:
1st winner – 6000L – Gift Card
2nd winner – 3000L – Gift Card
3rd winner – 1000L – Gift Card

Best Regards,
Pure Poison TEAM

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