PurePoison NEW location & gift

Bisous ladies,
We are enchanted to announce you that Pure Poison is moving to their own Wonderland!
There will be haute, couture, casual, accessories…in better words there will be alot of FASHION!
November and December are full months for us, that will come with alot of events and exclusive items. Ohhh ok, even if i will get my “back” kicked for this, a bit of gossip it’s more than welcome. Now i will just let this out, nothing more : some awesome exclusive gifts, sponsor for “The Arcade”, will be Winter Trend, 2 Lei and all the great monthly events that we are in and you already know! I said too much…the only thing you have to do is follow us on blog, facebook, flickr, in world … you have nothing to loose, in fact you have alot to win!
Here is the new exclusive gift that you can grab ONLY from our new location “Pure Poison District” :
Pure Poison SnowCutie Handbag - Special Group Gift

Luv yaaaaa,
❤ Lua

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