Exclusive items for the best fairs

Hello ladies,
That special day of the week finally came.
“Why special???” would some of our newest members ask…
Cause is the day when we will fill your fashion Knowledge with some of the greatest designs made by Pure Poison for all those great fairs out there.
Our first piece is not for the timid! “Gina tube dress”, black with some fine white lines that adds instant sex appeal to any wardrobe. This form-fitting piece is more flattering to certain types of figures than others, but individuals who wouldn’t normally wear it needn’t worry. And as always if you will combine one of our dresses with the right accessories you will have the perfect outfit for more than one event!
Pure Poison - Gina Tube Dress
Here is your taxi!
She & Him

“Accessories are a girl best friends” sounds much better just cause diamonds are too expensive for most of us! No need for tons of cash to look great! The perfect choice will make you look like a goddess in any circumstances. You don’t belive me? Try them out and let me know if i am wrong. This pair of earrings will deff save the day!
EXCLUSIVE of course! Grab yours from SL Fashion Week!
Pure Poison - Etany Earrings

Who said that love must be shown only on Valentine’s Day? We love every day in such different ways. We love fashion, music, nights out, our bff, lover! What i am trying to say here is that hearts should be a must no matter what. The one i am showing off this time is quite elegant, that works perfectly on date or on some meeting.It’s made to be worn at nights “smiles”.

Limo is ready, your boyfriend is waiting, just stop by, shop for your own Candy Hearts Necklace and continue your love journey!Candy Fair 2013
Pure Poison - Candy Hearts Necklace

We didn’t forgot our naughty ones :). This time we will accessorize your “favorite” body parts. I know there are some of you that already love this pieces, as for those that are still thinking about it “common girls, i dare you to try them out!”.
Pure Poison - Fantasy Nipples Pierce
Shop them at Silicone

As always i tend to talk too much about our pieces, but what can i do? I love them :P.

Happy Pure Poison Shopping!


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