3 Events…EXCLUSIVE items…Pure Poison Fashion

Bissou sweets,

It’s friday. and weekend sales are starting!
What does that mean for or at Pure Poison?!?!?!
C’mon… all of you knows it!

Now where to start our adventure?
Precious stones are women best friends! In this case lemme introduce you your NEW best friends:
Pure Poison - Trianghula Earrings
Black diamonds never looked that great before! And while shopping those ones at SL Fashion Week take advantage and add a NEW outfit to your wardrobe!
PP - Tia Skirt & Shirt

Now please hop in the limo and let’s stop at the next location Fi*Friday. Here you will find that pair of earrings that will fit everyone no matter what the tastes are! Can be rockish, elegant, sassy “winks”.
Pure Poison - Gia Earrings

And now that item with attitude!!! Can be found at The Trift Shop starting by 8th June!
Cause you deserve to sneak a peak…
Pure Poison - Brianne Pants

I know you want them,
xoxo Luaaa


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