Look of the Day 14.05

Look of the day 14.05

Heya pretties,

My time of the day “chuckles” !And how much i waited it. It was inspired by the cocktail party i’m supposed to attend this night. I walked a few times around the store and i said “ahhamm this is what i want!” : sexy in cuts, tho with a classy touch and a bit of fancy air cause of the spikes “Miss Sass Gown” goes perfect with “Sienna black Necklace” and that pretty “Percy Clutch” (it took me a while to convince Shaleene to let me wear it for this pic, as the clutch will be launched at L’accessoires on 15th May!!!). Love my manicure? Shaleene took care of that also. If you want it, simply check “Naira Jewelry Set” from the store, as for the earrings “Trix Studded” are called. Now there will be no FLAMING APPEARANCE without the proper hairstyle and shoes. This time i choosed to stop by Exile for the “Crazy in Love”haircut and 1NNOVAT1ON DESIGN for those “Superbia” platforms.

Lemme give you a boost :
*Miss Sassy Gown
*Sienna Black Necklace
*Naira Jewelry Set

All of them can be found in our MainStore Pure Poison Fashion :

*Percia Clutch by Pure Poison

Exclusive for L’accessoires starting with 15th May
Neo (58,230,567)

*Crazy in Love Hair by Exile
Covet (171,39,2)

*.::Superbia::.Shoes by 1NNOVAT1ON Fashion

As always i hope that was inspiring!
See ya tommorow,
xoxo Lua

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