The Runway Perfect Hunt & May Gifts

The Runway Earrings Milla necklace subscriber Hannah Jewelry Set group gift

Do you like searching? hunting? adrenaline? earrings? free ones?  “laughs” I am SURE each one of us does. Well, in this case we have the answer! With gold and silver version included we offer you “The Runway Earrings” -chandelier type, perfect for each style! They fit prefectly with jeans, as they are with a nice long dress. All you have to do is come and search them!

Ohh Ohh and while you search for the hunt, stop by the front desk and grab the may gifts by joining our group and subscriber.  As always we prepaired you some high quality GIFTS : a necklace and a full set.

With one stop by the store all that can be yours!


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